Integrated Healthcare

At Zenith Pharmacy, we believe healthcare should be integrated, yet convenient. And there should be a place where a patient can get all the healthcare they need from one place, either online or offline. That’s why Zenith Pharmacy exists – so that you can look after your healthcare with us in the easiest way possible

NHS and Private

The great thing about our system is that you can manage your NHS prescriptions through our portal, as well as access private healthcare quickly. Following a short consultation, we’ll be able to prescribe prescription-only medicines for you, which you would only traditionally get at the GP. Take a look at what you can book for in our clinic too!

20+ Years of pharmacy and healthcare experience

We operate with 3 highly-qualified pharmacists, supported by a team of dispensers, technicians and healthcare assistants. So you can be sure you’re going to be well looked-after!


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