Umbrella Sexual Health Clinic Birmingham

Zenith Pharmacy provide safe, reliable, confidential and fast Umbrella Sexual Health services, for free. Our Sexual Health Clinic Birmingham provides support to the entire community, of all ages, both male and female, with qualified professionals on hand to provide advice and help on a range of sexual health related issues.

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Our fully trained and friendly staff are on hand to provide any of the following services:

  • Chlamydia Treatment: treating chlamydia is as simple as prescribing a course of antibiotics. After a quick consultation where you will be asked some short questions about your general health, you will be prescribed your treatment which you can collect in-house.
  • Combined Oral contraceptive: why not let your pharmacy prescribe you your combined oral contraceptive. After a quick height, weight and blood pressure check, along with some short questions, you will be prescribed your combined oral contraception pills, which you can collect in-house.
  • Condom Distribution: we distribute free condoms to promote safe sex, simply drop in to book an appointment, to come and pick some up.
  • Emergency Hormonal Contraception: more commonly known as the morning after pill, we provide emergency hormonal contraception for anyone requiring it. There are no awkward questions or judgement, just a couple of short questions regarding your general health.
  • Progestogen only Pill: on a progesterone only pill? Not a problem, you can get that here too. After a height, weight and blood pressure test and some questions about your health.
  • SayanaPress Injection: for 13-weeks contraceptive protection you should consider the SayanaPress injection, which can be administered within our pharmacy. In a discreet and comfortable setting, with friendly and professional staff, the whole process is quick and simple.
  • STI kits: 50% of people who have an STI have absolutely no symptoms at all. With this in mind, anyone who is sexually active should consider getting tested, just for peace of mind. Testing for STI’s is simple and non-invasive, it is a quick and pain-free process that you can do in a discreet and comfortable environment.
  • Follow up Hepatitis B intra-muscular injection: a full treatment/vaccination course for Hepatitis B consists of a number of injections over a couple of weeks, all of which you can have in the comfort of Zenith Pharmacy.


Umbrella Sexual Health with Zenith Pharmacy

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